Plantecho MES

Put your business in the new era by digitally transforming your production. Plantecho is a complete suite of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software that provides maximum visibility, flexibility and efficiency throughout the production process.

Adapts to each type of production unit, manages, controls and executes all daily procedures, while providing complete information in both real and accounting time (reports, AIF, KPI’s).

• Modular and scalable design
• Flexibility
• Improves productivity and working times
• Ensures the quality of the products
• Ensuring traceability
• Real-time productivity indicators (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
• Effective cost control

Plantecho MES is a modular platform that can be implemented in whole or in part depending on the needs.

• Production control and execution
• Warehouse management
• Quality control
• Traceability
• Staff management
• Performance indicators (KPI’s, OEE, etc.)