Spray Mark Technology

Dots, Lines, Extra-Large Markings

High quality marking and precision line tracing

Coding, marking and pre-treatment

Color-coded markings are crucially important to many technical areas. In industrial applications, color-coded markings provide information about product quality and condition, regulate processes and determine procedures. Whether dot marking in red, indicating inspected quality in green or colored line marking for pipes, profiles or continuous products – REA Spray Marking Technology has even more to offer: Using spray mark heads as a spray mark block, one can write large texts, up to 700 mm in height. Dot by dot!

REA JET One Dot System

  • Well suited to create quality marks and aid lines
  • Dot size is configured by nozzle size and material pressure
  • Dot and solid lines with diameters of between 0.2 to 3mm

REA JET Spray Mark Heads

  • well suited to create quality marks, aid lines and pre-treatment
  • Different nozzle sizes and modules for marking and the application of low- and high-viscous media
  • Dot, solid lines and surface-marking with diameter of between 3 to 60mm

REA JET Spray Mark Blocks

  • Well suited for large character coding and marking, even with high-visosity paints and inks
  • Different nozzle sizes and modules for coding and marking with low- and high-viscous media
  • Print of large texts with a print height up to 700 mm

REA JET Turnkey Systems

  • Fully configured and ready to gouality marks and aid lines
  • Numerous settings for spray and material pressure
  • Universally usable spray mark system for dot and line marking in industrial surroundings

NOVATRON is the official representative of REA JET in Greece.